4 Questions You Should Ask Any Divorce Lawyer When You First Meet

Divorce can be a very taxing and difficult thing to deal with all on your own. Qualified attorneys are there to help you through all of the steps and get you to the end without as much pain and difficulty that could be there if you are doing the process on your own. Knowing things about your lawyer as well as things about your case that your lawyer is in charge of is important because your lawyer is representing you, and if you do not know of their motives, then they can not make a good representation of you.


Here are 4 questions that you should ask any divorce lawyer when you first meet.


  1. How often will we communicate about my case and how you will communicate with each other?

Knowing how much the attorney plans on communicating with you about the case or to know more about you can tell you a lot about the kind of lawyer they are. Without good communication, it is not very easy for the lawyer to represent you properly in court. It is also important to know how the lawyer plans on communicating with you and how you would like to communicate. If you prefer communicating over phone and email, then that should be expressed. If you prefer strictly in person, your lawyer should know.


  1. How can I keep my communication with my spouse friendly?

Any attorney should know what to do when they are presented with a situation and how to help you through it. It is also important to try and keep the communication with them friendly. A lawyer should be able to help you keep that communication as friendly as possible because a lot of their job requires them to pay attention to words, tone, and timing of communication to keep friendly with people.


  1. How am I going to receive copies of the paperwork relating to my case?

Knowing how your lawyer plans on sending your paperwork around can make a big difference on your opinion on them. If they send it by regular mail, you should be worried. It is easy to mess with and tamper with paper mail. There are many different ways to send this paperwork electronically that are much safer than sending your paperwork by mail. It is important to know first how they plan on communicating that before starting the process of divorce.


  1. How do you plan on keeping my file secure?

Knowing if the firm has a good system for keeping files safe and secure is very important. Much of the paperwork being done has very sensitive and private information on it like social security numbers and addresses, so it is important to know it will be safe in the hands of the firm.


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