High-Security Locks

Protect Your Home From Burglaries With High-Security Locks

HighSecurity Locks

High-Security Locks can help protect your home from burglaries. They’re designed to resist drilling and picking, and they’re made of heavy metals. However, these locks are also expensive. If you want to protect your home from burglars, you should install high-security locks on reinforced hinges and frames.

High-security locks are designed to resist drilling

High-security locks are designed to resist drilling and are harder to pick than standard locks. They typically contain hardened steel ball-bearings and anti-drill plates. They also have patented keyways to prevent duplicates. High-security locks are made of metal, which is more difficult to drill than plastics and hollow spaces.

High-security locks are not widely available on the open market and cannot be copied by anyone except a locksmith. These locks correspond to a pin number and only locksmiths are permitted to pick them. As a result, high-security locks help business owners control access to their premises and minimize the financial losses associated with theft.

They’re made of heavy metals

These locks have been designed to prevent burglars from gaining access to your home or business. They are made with tough metals that cannot be cut through. The reason that high-security locks are made with metal is because they are heavier than plastic. As a result, they can withstand more force than plastic locks. For instance, the bolts in a high-security lock are made of reinforced steel, which means that they can withstand ramming, kicking, and sledgehammer attacks.

High-security locks use hardened steel ball bearings in order to prevent drilling. These ball bearings are surrounded by an anti-drill plate. In addition, they have false pin chambers to help prevent unauthorized entry.

They’re nearly impossible to pick

High-security locks are incredibly hard to pick. Anyone can’t open them without a lot of practice and special tools. Most high-security locks are not even vulnerable to a bump key. This is because they have two pins encased within a single pin. The design also makes it very difficult to use lock picking tools to pick these locks.

One of the best-known high-security lock brands is Medeco, which is used in 60 to 75% of the high-security lock market in the US. The company promotes their lock as a “lock that cannot be picked”.

They’re expensive

High-security locks are generally the most expensive locks on the market. They are made with advanced technology and are very hard to break into. If you are looking to secure a business or commercial property, you should choose a high-security lock. However, residential locks are not necessarily high-security. If your home office or bedroom doors are not frequently used, you can get away with a more traditional lock.

High-security locks are much more expensive than conventional cylinders. They are typically used in locations where there is high risk of intruders. The additional layer of security prevents access and compromise of personnel, assets, and systems. They are also often required by government regulations and insurers.

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