Questions to Ask an Event Rental Company Before Renting

When working with an event rental company, there may be a multitude of questions you’ll want to ask. When working with one lone company to cater to a large event, this is normal. If you are a newbie to event rental companies or have never thought to ask some of these questions, take this as a guide on making sure your experience with a rental company is everything you could have hoped for- and more! Here are some of the most important questions to ask an event rental company before renting:


How Broad is the Selection of Items You Offer?

Your big event means big planning. Finding a rental company that offers a variety of products to rent can make your organization a lot easier. Go with an event rental company that offers a variety of items to make sure you are covered for your event. You may even get special recommendations and a discount or two if you want to rent large quantity of items from one single company.


Are There Additional Costs for Special Delivery Requirements and Installations?

You want to make sure to assess any additional costs when it comes to special delivery and installations. All event rental companies may vary in this aspect, but of course, it never hurts to ask the particular rental company you’re interested in working with.


Can You Make Suggestions for My Budget?

If being precise on your budget matters to you, most event rental companies won’t have an issue suggesting choices for you. You may find yourself with a large catalogue of items that fits your budget. Lay all the numbers out upfront to make sure you’re not going over your budget or allocating your budget on items you don’t particularly need.


This is My Theme…Do You Have Any Suggestions?

Asking for decor suggestions from your event rental place can allow you a fresh and new perspective. When discussing your theme for an event such as for a birthday party or wedding, your rental company should happily provide you with drapes, tableware, and other cool accessories they may have available for you.


How Far in Advance Do I have to Rent?

This should be a question to ask every rental company in advance. Some companies may be more lenient and need less time in advance to rent items. Other companies may need longer. It depends, but if the rental company you want to rent from has a large quantity of items you’d like, it’s better to be safe than sorry and rent in advance.


Working with an event rental company can be an extremely easy and convenient method to make sure your big day is an absolutely amazing one. Make sure to ask the right questions regarding availability, budgeting, and rental process. If you’re looking for tent rentals in Hollywood (as well as various other event supplies), go with Town & Country Event Rentals! An event rental company can upgrade your event into more than you could ever dream of!


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