Signs That It’s Time to Call Your Local Electrician

While DIY projects are a great way to save money and feel a sense of accomplishment, electrical repairs are not something you should attempt to handle yourself. Your home’s electrical system is complicated to access. More importantly, it’s dangerous to work with if you don’t have the right experience. Luckily, your local electrician has the skills and expertise to handle any issue that comes your way. So, how do you know it’s time to call your local electrician for service? Let’s discuss!


8 Signs You Need to Call Your Electrician


Here are some classic signs you need to call your local electrician for repairs:


1.   Circuit Breakers Keep Tripping


Circuit breakers tripping is not typically a significant issue unless it’s something that occurs often. If you experience frequent problems with your circuit breaker or can’t fix it with easy troubleshooting, you need to call your local electrician. These issues are often signs of a more major electrical problem that requires immediate repairs to avoid a severe hazard.


2.   Flickering Lights


If your lights are flickering, it might be time to change your lightbulbs. However, if your lights continue to switch on and off, even with new light bulbs, you can have an issue with your wiring. Running larger electrical appliances simultaneously, like your refrigerator and air conditioner, can cause this type of issue. Still, it’s vital to call a professional to check the problem before severe consequences occur.


3.   Outlets Are Hot to Touch


If your electrical switches, outlets, or other appliances are hot to touch, you could have an issue with your electrical system that can lead to a severe electrical hazard. Since these problems can cause electrical fires and electric shock, you need to contact your local electrician immediately for an inspection.


4.   Sparking Circuits


If you see a spark coming from any electrical source, it’s essential to contact a professional immediately. This is often a sign of issues with your electrical wiring and an early indication that you are at risk of experiencing an electrical fire.


5.   Burning Smell Coming from Outlets


A sudden burning odor in your home can indicate that an electrical outlet is overheating. You may also notice that the outlet looks burnt or discolored. To avoid a fire, turn off the electricity, disconnect all equipment, and call an emergency electrician to inspect your outlets and provide an effective solution.


6.   Buzzing and Humming


Any buzzing or humming sounds coming from your breaker box indicate that you have a significant wiring problem. Since the circuit breaker is designed to safeguard your property from electrical surges, this can be a considerable hazard if it’s damaged. Contact your local electrician immediately for repairs.


7.   Aging Property or Appliances


Electrical systems must be upgraded regularly to avoid safety hazards. The wiring in your home may be outdated or rotting if it is more than 20 years old. Everything wears down with time, so the best way to avoid significant electrical damage is to be proactive with your repairs. Therefore, you should contact your local electrician for an inspection if you have an older system.  If you need a reliable Moreno Valley electrician, we’re here to help!

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